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Papier maché II

(Papier maché I)


Jagtedderkop Jumping spider

This  jumping spider is also made in papier maché - at least in part. Its body is made from papier maché and coated with some fur, which origin I do not know. The fur of the cephalothorax is very odd. The limbs are made from large pipe cleaners. They have been painted with white at the joints. The small eyes are black pins (not recommended for small children). The large eyes are red plastic half pearls painted black at the back. That creates a nice effect.


Container for party songs

In 1994 I got the assignment of making a container for party songs to be used at a confirmation. The girl to be confirmed has a tortoise. I only had a week to make it. First I claimed that it was impossible, but after one nights sleep I knew how to make it in time. I did make it. There is a small door in the carapace that can be lifted to access the folded songs.
  Unfortunately no pictures exist from that original tortoise. I know that some of my guests are searching for how to make such a thing, so I decided to build another. This time I used more time as I was in no hurry.
  There tortoise is not made to be perfect. It is rather made to be possible to build in one week (one week of intensive work though).
  See here how it was made.

Sangskjuler i form af skildpadde


Mumificeret hovede Mumified head

This gruesome head is one of my early works. It is not build on a skeleton but rather on a lump of paper. That is the explanation for the strange proportions of the jaw etc. The teeth are cut from wood, the larynx is made from cardboard to look rigth when viewed from below. The neck also displays vertebra and cut wessels.
  I think I will make a better one some day.

Horns for the Devil

These horns were made on a plasticine model. It was covered first with newspaper, then with toiletpaper. Dried, painted and laquored. They were stitched to a black hood. Used for a demo against the EU in 1986.

The Devils horns



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